Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

Whether you are an experienced shot looking to keep your eye in; a clay shooter looking for some expert advice on a particular discipline, or a novice learning from scratch, our shooting lessons are tailored to your needs. All shooting lessons include a qualified coach, gun hire and all safety equipment. Spectators are welcome!

Honesberie Shooting School not only possesses some of the most stunning clay pigeon shooting grounds but also some of the most talented instructors and professionals. Thanks to this, we can ensure that whatever level you are at, we can provide you with value. If you are unsure which shooting package suits you best, please call today to discuss with our expert professionals.

New to Shooting?

At Honesberie we welcome newcomers to the sport. If you’ve never shot before then don’t worry, our experienced instructors will teach you all of the basics on your first visit and ensure you have all the skills to develop into a confident shooter.

Our clay shooting instructors will show you everything you need to know. In a structured progressive manner, they will teach you everything you need to know without bombarding you with too much information at once, allowing you to progress your knowledge and skills with every lesson. After lessons with us, you’ll be hitting clay targets with ease and have confidence when it comes to shooting.

Brush Up on Your Skills

Whether you are intermediate or advanced, shooters often benefit from a lesson if they wish to refresh or improve their shooting skills, or maybe a little practice in preparation for the game season.

Our experienced instructors can assess each shooter and then offer help and advice to correct any bad habits which may have been picked up.

All aspects of shooting may be considered, from correcting problems with stance, gun mount, eye dominance, to simply hitting problem targets successfully.

Have A Go

Beginners Shooting Lessons – Have A Go

These taster sessions offer an introduction to those who are new to the sport and want to experience shooting on a budget and is also the perfect party package.

The course will teach the basics of shooting including gun safety and etiquette. We offer a 25 shot experience and 50 shot experience. All equipment is included.

Have A Go – Prices Inclusive Of All Clays And Cartridges

Have a go
25 Shot Experience (two or more people)£49.00 per person
50 Shot Experience (one person)£90.00 per person
50 Shot Experience (two or more people)£80.00 per person


Extensive Knowledge and Experience

At Honesberie we have a team of instructors with extensive knowledge and experience with clay pigeon shooting, rifle shooting and game shooting.

We run a variety of lessons from one-to-one tuition to group lessons for beginners learning the correct techniques, etiquette and safety to the experienced game shot needing to brush up on their high tower driven skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shot, tuition is tailored to suit your requirements

One-to-one tuition is ideal to get the undivided attention from your instructor and to make sure you can achieve your best potential.

Both small or large group lessons are a great enjoyable way for family, friends, colleagues or clients to be entertained with our instructors catering for all abilities.

Tuition – Prices Exclusive of Clays and Cartridges

TuitionHonesberie InstructorNick Hollick/Chris BroomfieldMembers
1 person£109.00 per hour£130.00 per hour£90.00/£115.00 per hour
Additional person£33.00 per hour£33.00 per hour£27.50 per hour
One Colt (<16 yrs)£82.50 per hour£99.00 per hour£71.00/£88.00 per hour
Additional Colts (<16 yrs)£11.00 per hour£11.00 per hour£11.00 per hour

In-Field Instructions

From beginners to experienced shots

From beginners to experienced shots, in-field instruction is invaluable to put what you have learnt at the clay ground into practice in a live environment. For beginners making sure that strict safety and correct etiquette is followed and observed with expert guidance.

For experienced shots knowing that they are in expert hands to help them get onto those high birds and perform at their best achieving their full potential!

In-Field Instruction

An instructor will accompany you, advising on every drive, enabling you to get maximum satisfaction from your day, suitable for novice and experienced shot
CoursesHonesberie InstructorNick HollickMembers
1-days in field instruction£POA plus expenses£POA plus expenses5% Off
6 x 1-hour lessons
1000 Clays
1000 Cartridges
1-days infield instruction
Gun Fit

Caddied and Self-Caddied Rounds

A great way to practice in between lessons.

If you wish to just to come along and practise your shooting, then please do!

Our ground is full of the diverse shooting stands to challenge you, and we are open for self caddy shooting six days a week! (see opening times for more details)

Make sure you bring your shotgun licence with you.

Licence holders can accompany non-licence holders on-site.  You will need to do sign a disclaimer to say you are responsible for them and they must be chaperoned at all times.

Gun Hire Is Available 

Contact us today to book or for more information.


Non MemberMember
Clays - all£0.47£0.40

Cartridges (Honesberie School Loads) Price increase 01.02.2023

Price fromNon-MemberMember
25 Cartridges (12g)£10.00£9.00
250 Cartridges (12g)£100.00£84.00
500 Cartridges (12g)£200.00£156.00
1000 Cartridges (12g)£400.00£290.00
25 Cartridges (20g)£11.75£10.00
250 Cartridges (20g)£117.50£97.00
500 Cartridges (20g)£235.00£180.00
1000 Cartridges (20g)£470£335.00
Bulk option available.

Self-Caddy Package - Bulk Clays & Cartridges

12g – £690.00 (member) / £780.00 (non-member)

20g – £735 (member) / £834.25 (non-member)


  • 1000 clays
  • 1000 cartridges


We also have a large selection of game cartridges available for purchase. Please phone our gunroom to enquire about what we have in stock.

Shotgun Applications - Information

Applying for a shotgun certificate?

Please click on the following links to your relevant police force and follow the instructions to apply for your shotgun certificate.