No, everyone is welcome to shoot at Honesberie. However, by becoming a member you are entitled to discounts every time you shoot on our grounds and you gain a free lesson, plus 100 clays upon purchasing your membership.

No, as long as you are accompanied by a licence holder or booked in for a lesson/experience. If you have booked a “Have A Go” session or a lesson, you do not need a shotgun licence as you will be accompanied by an instructor. If you do have a shotgun certificate, we highly recommend that you bring it with you when visiting the ground, as this will affect your ability to purchase cartridges and hire guns.

Unfortunately, not. Due to our planning permission, only Honesberie Loads are allowed to be shot at Honesberie Shooting School. When you arrive, we will issue you with however many cartridges you wish to shoot and then charge you for these and the corresponding amount of clays upon completion of your lesson or self-caddied session.

We recommend a minimum age of eight years old as the child needs to be strong enough to hold a shotgun and to understand the important safety rules necessary to enjoy shooting. Please note, an instructor will be supervising at all times.

No. The prices quoted on our Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons page are for the lesson only, not inclusive of cartridges and clays. However, all “Have A Go” experiences and event packages are inclusive of clays and cartridges. Please note, we have both options available from individual lessons, to all-inclusive courses.

We always recommend calling first to check if we have any events on that may prohibit you to shoot. However, there is no need to book, you can just turn up and shoot. You can shoot each stand, whether unaccompanied or with friends. Every stand has solo shooting options so shooting on your own is not an issue. Also, if you have never been to our grounds before, we will send a member of staff out with you to begin with to show you around the ground and ensure you are safe and competent to be self-caddied. If you require a lesson, then you will need to book this before you arrive. Prices can be found under the Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons page on our shooting school’s website.

Yes, we welcome people to come and watch but they will be required to wear the appropriate safety equipment, which we can provide. As per our ground rules, a license holder can accompany a maximum of two guest shooters or spectators.

Yes. The ground has a section 11, which allows a license holder to bring someone along to shoot that does not hold a shotgun certificate. All you need to do is sign a disclaimer form when you book that makes you fully responsible for that person’s safety along with the safety of others.

All lessons will be conducted come rain or shine. Unless the weather creates a danger to shooters, we will always carry on. If you wish to stay undercover, please let us know as we do have plenty of stands that are out of the rain to keep you dry.

All lessons and “Have A Go” experiences are subject to a 48-hour cancellation policy. If either of these are cancelled within a 48-hour period, you will be charged full price (exclusive of clays and cartridges for a lesson). If you reschedule the lesson or experience, you will be charged up-front and not charged twice. All events over five people need to have a 50% non-refundable deposit placed to hold the time and date. A second payment of the full amount is required two weeks prior to the event. If the event is cancelled within two weeks of the event, you will be refunded 50% of your invoice. If the event is cancelled within 48 hours, you will be charged the full amount.

All shotgun licence holders can shoot unaccompanied as long as they have signed a registration form and have been safety checked. We have our Solo Shoot system, allowing people to shoot completely unaccompanied. You are welcome to bring a friend. Our ground rules state that a licence holder may accompany two non-license holders around the ground. Guns are available to hire from the shop with one gun per license. Please see our gun hire page for more information.

Yes, we have a conference room available for hire for corporate events or parties. We are also able to provide catering on request.

No, we are able to offer a variety of other activities such as rimfire and centerfire rifle shooting up to 214m, archery, crossbow and air rifle shooting up to 30m.

Yes, Honesberie has a Home Office Approved rifle club and have a rifle range on site where you are able to zero in your rifle. Please book in advance and bring your firearms licence with you.

No, pistol shooting was banned in the UK. However, we do shoot air pistols.

Yes, we provide a variety of gift vouchers and experiences for all activities for you to give to your friends and family.

Yes, we also have disabled toilet facilities.

All of our stands are on a path and we keep our grounds neat and tidy. However, we recommend that you wear sensible outdoor clothing and footwear suitable for English weather.  You will also need to wear a hat, safety glasses and hearing protection, all of which are available in our lodge.

This is a commonly asked question and many people are worried about whether shooting a shotgun will hurt. If you have an appropriate gun and are holding it correctly, it shouldn’t. We use special low recoil cartridges and have small bore guns with short stocks available. If you do feel like there is a lot of recoil, let your instructor know and we will be able to provide you with an extra pad for your shoulder. We also have a large selection of school guns in all available calibres and sizes to suit youngsters from eight years old and adults of all shapes and sizes.

Yes. We have a number of different guns available to borrow from the lodge. Gun hire is £20 for onsite shooting and £144 per day for offsite shooting. You must bring your shotgun licence with you to borrow a gun.

Our opening times are 08.30-18.00 from Monday to Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Our 100 bird CPSA registered shoots take place at our sister ground at Watergall Farm.

The barrels are placed on top of one another on an Over and Under, whereas the barrels are placed next to each other on a Side by Side.

Dogs are more than welcome at our shooting grounds, but unfortunately, not in the lodge. All dogs must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

Yes, we have a full kitchen that is open Saturdays from 08:30 – 14:00. The kitchen is also available upon request for special bookings during the week.

On average you will shoot approximately 100 clays and cartridges. However, this is due to your abilities and if you want to shoot more or less please inform your instructor.

This is completely subject to availability. We always try and accommodate people even at the shortest notice, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend you book one week in advance.

As far as we are aware, there is no problem with shooting if you’re pregnant. However, please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns before coming.

You will have access to your gun during our opening hours. However, if you wish to access your gun outside of these hours, please call our owner Nick Hollick (07973839844) to arrange this.

Please click on the below link to your relevant police force and follow the instructions to apply for your shotgun certificate: