Rifle Shooting

Expert tuition for rifle shooting over a range of calibres and shooting positions is available at Honesberie.

We have professional instructors with in depth knowledge of the sport and the equipment.

Our facilities offer customers the opportunity to test, zero and practice shoot.  Additionally we also teach the essentials of rifle sport; safety, calibre suitability, stalking techniques,  maintenance, understanding of ballistics, use of open and telescopic sights.

The range offers targets at 50m, 100m and 200m with shooters positioned under cover.

  • 1 hour lesson: £99.00 + ammunition (£115.50 for non-members)
  • 1 hour lesson for 2 people: £126.50 + ammunition (£143.00 for non-members)
  • 1 hour lesson for 3 people: £170.50 + ammunition (£192.50 for non-members)

Based near the borders of Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

Clay shooting also available.

Honesberie shooting school has its own target rifle club.

Honesberie rifle club is Home Office Approved, this allows firearms Licence holders to book the range to practice and zero their own rifle.

It also allows members a justifiable reason to apply for their firearm certificate.

If you are new to rifle shooting you could book one of our experience days to try the sport for the first time.

25 Shot Experience

(min of 4 people)


This gives an introduction into the safety aspect of rifle shooting along with firing 10 x .17HMR10 x .22 and 5 x .243 on our 200m range.

  • 10 x .17HMR
  • 10 x .22LR
  • 5 x .243

Non-member: £54.00

Member: Less 5%

50 Shot Experience

(min of 4 people)


This gives an introduction into the safety aspect of rifle shooting along with firing 20 x .17HMR, 20 x .22 and 10x .243 on our 200m range.

  • 20 x .17HMR
  • 20 x .22LR
  • 10 x .243

Non-member: £99.00

Member: Less 5%

Rifle shooting Experience

This is the complete package to test your skills, a typical day would be:

  • Tea/Coffee & Bacon Roll on arrival
  • Learn Rifle Safety
  • Air rifle shooting 1 hour
  • 25 shots with a 17HMR
  • 50 shots with a .22 semi-automatic
  • 20 shots with a .243
  • Shooting will be various distances up to 200 metres.

Non-member: £209.00

Member: Less 5%

Rifle Club Annual Membership

Membership to include 1 hour free lesson (ammunition not included).

New members must be a probationary member for 3 months before full membership is granted.


Rifle Course – Three One-hour Lessons

This course is designed to take novices through the basics of safe rifle handling.

No prior shooting experience is necessary. All equipment apart from ammunition is included.

  • Course (3 hours): £246.00 + ammunition
  • Course (3 hours – 2 people): £305.00 + ammunition
  • Course (3 hours – 3 people): £350.00 + ammunition

Honesberie Rifle Club Rules.

Please click below to view the Honesberie Rifle Club Rules.


All shooters are responsible for ensuring that their firearms and ammunition are safe to use. Shooters are to make firearms and ammunition available for inspection and testing as requested by a member of Honesberie shooting school.

All shooters must register with reception before accessing the range.

All shooters will be accompanied by a member of staff on the range – failure to do this will result in the persons being asked to leave.

No firearm and ammunition combination which develops a muzzle energy exceeding 10000 foot pound may be used on the range.

Maximum calibre to be used is .308

Moderators to be used at all times.

Tracer; incendiary; armour piercing; armour piercing incendiary (API); depleted uranium; ammunition containing any igniferous or explosive substance must NOT be used at any time.

A person may only use an the Range with the prior permission of the Range Office.

Shooters must only use the targets and the distances allocated to them by the Range Office. Any concerns or queries in connection with the targets provided must be reported to the Range Office before firing commences.

The unscheduled end of a shooting period is announced by no fewer than 4 blasts of the siren. All shooters must stop shooting immediately. All radio users must select the Control channel and await instructions.

The flag on the rifle range hut must be raised before shooting commences.

No shooter is to fire from a non-standard or improvised firing point.

Alcohol is not permitted on any Range at anytime.

At no time may any part of the body be placed in front of the muzzle of a loaded firearm.

Eye and ear protection must be used at all times.

All other firearms must be carried in a manner to demonstrate as clearly as possible for that type of firearm that it is unloaded.

No person may leave firearms or ammunition unattended. When not in use all firearms and ammunition must be secured in accordance with firearms legislation. Responsibility for the security of firearms and ammunition rests with the owner at all times.

Spectators must remain behind the firing point at all times and comply with all instructions given by the RO.

The RO must ensure that all spectators wear hearing protection and eye protection in accordance with these Regulations.

These rules are intended for your own safety – failure to comply will result in you being asked to leave.