Cartridges & Ammunition

We stock a vast selection of cartridges for clay and game shooting including our specialist Honesberie Clay and Game loads.

If you’re purchasing Cartridges & Ammunition, you must come into the clubhouse with your license.

Special Clay Loads
12g Honesberie School Load 21 grams 8 shot F/W£280.00£160.00£90.00£9.06
20g Honesberie School Load 21 grams 8 shot F/W£321.00£186.00£105.00£10.59
Special Game Load
12g Viper High Pheasant 29 grams 5.5 shot F/W£379.00£203.00£109.00£13.45
20g Honesberie High Pheasant 25 grams 5 shot F/W£383.00£205.00£111.00£13.60
12g Viper Extreme Game 33 grams 4.5 shot Quad£536.00
12g Evo 24 grams 8 shot F/W£280.00£159.00£90.00£9.00
12g White Gold 28 grams 7.5 shot P/W£330.00£170.00£92.00£11.28
16g Regal 28 grams 5/6 shot F/W£376.00£201.00£108.00£13.32
28g Regal 16 grams 7 shot F/W£336.00£179.00£97.00£11.25
28g Regal 25 grams 5 shot F/W£401.00£214.00£116.00£14.23
.410 Gamebore 2.5" 9grams 6/7 shot F/W£295.00£158.00£85.00£10.47

We have further types of clay and game loads in all bore sizes from several cartridge manufacturers. Please enquire for further details.


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