Simulated Game Days

Introducing Honesberie Shooting Simulated Game days. In 2022, Honesberie is hosting Simulated Game Days at a number of stunning venues. Enjoy a full day shooting an exciting range of challenging and varied simulated targets on some of the most renowned Estates in the UK. Honesberie Shooting are also able to host Simulated Game Days on any suitable privately owned grounds, please enquire if interested.

What is Simulated Game Shooting?

Simulated game shooting is the art of replicating a day’s shooting as closely as possible. However, at a simulated shoot, you only shoot clays, not live game. Simulated game days can also happen at any time of the year, allowing you to be out in the warm sunshine replicating a traditional English sport.

A simulated game day provides the fun of a game day out of season. These days are rapidly growing in popularity as they offer all the fun and excitement of a game day with less expense and can offer a great experience for novice shots.

At Honesberie we have connections with wonderful estates all over the UK; some within easy reach of London. So if you have specific location requirements please contact us.

Simulated Game Shooting in the Midlands

Honesberie caters for all ages and abilities. If you are new to shooting, we can offer the right level of training to give you the best introduction to the sport. For more experienced shooters we can tailor your experience to suit your needs. We will always aim to maintain the highest level of service.

You will be provided with breakfast, an in-field elevenses and a meal after in the house. All dietary requirements will be taken on the time of booking and the menu will be devised accordingly. Guns can be provided if required at £20 a day

For the event, each day has 16 shooting spaces for you to enjoy. The day is open to everybody, whether you are an experienced shooter or novice. Non-shooting guests are also more than welcome to come and experience the sport. Non-licence holders partaking in the shooting must be under the supervision of a Honesberie instructor.

Honesberie will provide all of the cartridges for these events. We are predicting each individual will shoot 250-400 cartridges per gun throughout the day. Guests are allowed to bring their own cartridges, at their expense. However, these MUST be fibre wad. Providing your own cartridges will incur a £60 discount per gun.

The Venue: Turvey House

Turvey House, Bedfordshire

Turvey House is a Grade I listed country house, set in 150 acres of surrounding parkland by the river Great Ouse in Bedfordshire.

The house was originally built in the 1790s and then heavily remodelled in the early 1830s into the neo classical style as it stands today.

Current dates available are:



Friday 19th May

Friday 23rd June

Friday 21st July

Friday 18th August