A huge thank you

Dear Nick, I would like to say a huge thank you.

I have just returned from a day’s shooting at Egton Manor in Yorkshire, which was fantastic due to your sound advice. My shooting was excellent and the hit rate was incredible just slightly over 2:1 and there were a considerable number of high birds. On one drive the host, who had been watching, passed comment with “you do not raise your gun quickly but when you do, you take the bird“.

When we first met and you persuaded me to switch from left to right, I thought it was slightly mad! (I’m sorry but on that first day I did question if you made any sense). However after six lessons I feel more comfortable and at each outing I am improving, so I’m sorry for questioning your advice and looking forward to the next lesson.

For anyone else who has to go through the change I would simply tell them to have faith.


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